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Big Spring, TX

Wow, what a day! When I got up this morning, someone saw me packing up my tent and walked over to give me a large cup of coffee, some muffins, cookies and oatmeal bars. He kind of looked like Chuck Norris 🙂

It is a beautiful morning maybe about 50 outisde and looks like its going to be another sunny day. I walked about may be 4-5 miles when I noticed I was walking faster than the traffic was moving. As I came over the hill I saw the trucks on the freeway at a dead stop.

I kept on walking and traffic kept backing up and I was wondering if there had been an accident on the freeway. About another mile up the road I saw a motorcycle going the wrong way on the service road and he stopped to talk to me for a minute and said they had blocked off the interstate where the bridge was.

Well, that big traffic issue turned into a big opportunity for me! I was offered a ride that led to another ride and I ended up in Big Spring, TX (about 238 miles)! As we were driving the weather started to change, the clouds came over, the temperature started dropping. By 3:00 it was about 36 degrees.

And because its going down to 18 tonight the people who gave me a second ride would not let me stay in my tent and got a room for me in a roach motel. The room is clean, but the TV doesn’t work and there is no phone and no towels for the shower, but they do have wifi and a heater!

And now I am caught up , I can get some sleep. We will see what tomorrow brings. I still need to replace my phone and I need to find a place to camp for another night since its still going to be very chilly out. I might wait until Tuesday to leave, but we will see what the day brings. Until then ya’ll have a wonderful night and stay warm and safe.

P.S. I hope its sunny enough to get some photos that will be more interesting to see, lol. I hear they have roadrunners in this area. I’ve never seen a roadrunner except in the cartoons.



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