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Ft. Worth, TX

Riding that commuter train was another first for me! I imagine that the riders get used to the swaying of the cars, but its kind of weird when you’ve never experienced it before. It did make me wonder if riding the Amtrak would be about the same. If it is, then maybe I’ll take the train back east…. I haven’t decided yet.

Its 40 degrees this morning and I know it may sound funny, but I haven’t a clue where I am. Don’t worry, Now that I am at a wifi spot I can get on Google maps. All I know is I didn’t want to be in downtown Ft worth at night.

Today, my goal is to get a new cell phone. It would not be good to be in the middle of no where without anyway to even call for help.

And I think I could use a hug from a person of God. Seems like ever since I met the person that let me stay in his RV I’ve been attracting a certain type of person. I’d rather attract good people.

I hiked all the way to an area just outside Ft. Worth on the West side of town where 580 and I30 intersect and cross over and decided to stop there for the night. I didn’t make it to a campground, so I set my tent up in the middle of all the highways



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