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Irving, TX

I decided I would stay the night in Irving because I needed to get online and download some maps so if I needed them offline, I would have them. The McDonald’s there was nice enough to let me sit in there pretty much all day long and a while into the night also.

In the morning I started off going down the service road that runs alongside the highway where there is A LOT of construction going on and in this one section they had those barricades up to keep cars from going into the work zone.

Well, this bridge that went over the highway had the barricades right on the white line with absolutely no shoulder at all. I sat and watched those big rig trucks speeding over the bridge and the cars racing through nonstop and thought… Geez I really don’t want to walk through there. But I couldn’t see any other way of getting to the other side. So after a few minutes of debating with my self, I shrugged my shoulders and said, God my life is in your hands.

I held my breath as I went as fast as I could through that section (about 25 yards maybe) and then realized the traffic had stopped coming for the whole time I was on that bridge. As soon as I was over, the traffic came speeding by once again. Now THAT was God! I just said thank you Lord!

I walked all the way to downtown Irving and found they had a commuter train that ran from Dallas to Ft. Worth for only $5.



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