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Dallas, TX

Its not the best picture, but there it is, downtown Dallas. It appears huge even from someone that is from a large city. And what a welcome I received into Dallas.

I’ll make the story short and sweet. I was kicked out of the bus station while trying to figure out what to do about my tickets to see my friend in Oklahoma, my phone and charger were stolen, my winter coat was stolen and my cash was stolen. When I asked the man at the store to call the police he said “no speak english” and when the police got there they were scared to death of me and put me in the Salvation Army for the remainder of the night. I had absolutely no sleep last night and have been very emotional most of the day.

I thought about not telling anyone what happened, but I’m not going to let this crappy event deter me.

I did NOT stay in Dallas though… I hope I never ever ever ever go back to that filthy city. I am currently in Irving TX and am going to continue heading west. I think the road I am on will take me into Fort Worth? maybe? I will check after answering messages and changing passwords.

I will replace my phone, but until then I have stopped service on it. For now I can only post when I am at a wifi spot with the laptop.



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