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Longview, TX

It had been late when the bus pulled into a truck stop to drop us off in Marshall, TX. I was hoping to stay at the truck stop until sunrise, but they closed so I went off in search of a place to sleep. I headed out as early as possible this morning. I am hoping make a few miles today.

Well it didn’t take long when someone stopped to offer me a ride into Longview, TX. I hiked all the way through Longview and decided to take a break in Gladewater.

When I started again,  a couple of people offered to give me a ride to Hawkins where I was hoping to camp. Unfortunately, the camp ground appeared to be closed. I wasn’t sure if it was closed for a reason, or if there were other plans with it, but she would not just drop me off there and said I could stay at her house.

Y’all would love these people. They are one of those old couple’s that’s been together for so long that they fuss at each other. Very down to earth, like the Clampetts.

Drat! I had wanted to get a picture of them, but got rushed into the bus station. I am now on a bus again and  will be in Dallas TX about 5pm tonight. I wonder what awaits me there.





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