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Shreveport, LA

I ended up staying at the Shreveport Country Inn last night. I needed to see about drying some of my stuff out that was still damp from the rain. The weather this morning is not too bad, about 50 degrees and just very overcast. The picture above is from the top of the bridge which crosses the Red River. The building in the middle of the picture, with the steeple turned out to be a Methodist church.


It was exciting to finally make it to Shreveport, but waited for me ahead was slightly disappointing. As I came off the bridge, the poverty of Shreveport met me. There was a pile of blankets and stuff of a homeless person. I thought it was strange that he would leave them so out in the open, but consider what I was about to see, I guess I should not be surprised.

Starting on the first corner in the doorway of a closed business was a homeless camp. It appeared about 3-4 people lived in there. A few doors up there was another homeless camp, then yet another. As I came up on the library, there must have been maybe 50 homeless people waiting to go in, with their piles of blankets and belongings close to them.

A lady approached me as I walked by and said, “Your new here”. I told her I was hiking through town and not from there. She invited me into the library which was about to open and said that a pastor goes in there and holds a service, then feeds everyone and I was welcome to join them. I thanked her but said I needed to keep going.

As I walked through Shreveport, Google maps decided to change my directions and send me a different way. I’m not sure what happened to it, but I decided to go to the bus station and see if I could figure out where I was heading. While at the bus station a lady started telling me how she was stuck there with no way of getting home. I decided to purchase a bus ticket for her and myself and take the bus to Marshall, TX.

How nice. The cap came off my tooth. I’ll save it and see if there is a way to fix it later. The red on it is from a candy I was about to eat.


Haha… and some guy just walked in, asked me what time my bus was leaving, then asked if I could watch his stuff and headed off to the casino. He said his dad just died and both his exes were there and he needed a drink, lol.



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