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Arcadia, LA

One step closer to Shreveport. A few miles after leaving Simsboro, I was offered a ride into Arcadia. I decided I would stay there for the night at their travel center since it was a 24 hour place. They didn’t mind.

The guy on the night shift gave me a steak and cheese sandwich saying he needed to restock the food warmer and all the old food gets thrown out.

There was a stray dog outside this morning so I got him a sausage biscuit before leaving. It was very chilled, so I went and sat in McDonald’s while waiting for the dollar store next door to open. I was actually debating getting some thermal underwear.

I decided to get it later and headed off down the road. I didn’t even make it a block when a lady and a man offered to give me a ride. They said they were heading to Bossier. Not knowing where that was I asked if it was to the west before agreeing to take the ride.

She is one that wouldn’t let me off at the side of the road, but wanted to be sure I had a safe place to stay for the night and got me a hotel room.

I was glad. I can catch up on a few thing



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