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Simsboro, LA

Monroe Again?

Little did I realize where the guys RV was! It was just SW of Monroe. I asked him to be sure he was still going to take me to Shreveport and he insisted he would take me there.

I think this is the first time I’ve been worried about a person I allowed to give me a ride. Just the thought of having to walk all that way again ….. ugh.

Well I did have a fairly warm place to stay for the night. The problem came in the morning when the guy didn’t show up when he said he would. I figured maybe something happened and he was running late, so I waited.

After an hour I decided to go to the person who watches over the property and ask for his phone number. Yes I know… I should have gotten his phone number before he left, but I had not thought of it. He apologized, he had had something come up and was on his way.

He didn’t take me to Shreveport like he promised, but dropped me off at a little truck stop in a town called Simsboro. What a cool truck stop! The locals all sitting around a fire chatting.




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