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Ruston, LA

OH OH! Is that sunshine I see trying to break through the clouds?!

When I got to the truck stop someone came up an offered me a very large cup of hot chocolate, saying it would warm me up.

I am really hoping to make it to Shreveport today so I can be prepared for the cold days that are coming up. The weather says that it will be in the 20’s for the next couple of days. I was just getting ready to leave when a guy asked me where I was heading. When I said Shreveport, he said he would be making a trip there the next day and would give me a ride there if I could wait until morning. He also said he had an RV I could stay in for the night, if I liked.

I thought about it for a moment and agreed to it.




A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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