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Rayville, LA

I decided to keep on walking when the rain cleared and just a few miles down the road, another person offered me a ride. It was a trucker that had seen me earlier when he was heading east to drop his load off.

He said he had hiked once and because of that he will always offer rides to hikers. He dropped me off at the Pilot truck stop in Rayville. Good thing too, it started to downpour again with massive thunder and lightening. One bolt seemed to shoot right over the truck stop and scared the girls in the Wendy’s there to pieces!

While there a guy asked if he could use my phone because he needed to call his mother. I don’t usually have any issue letting people use my phone as long as I can see them. And when he walked away, a man sitting across from me put a $20 down saying it looked like we could use some help, lol.

I ended up getting a motel room at a roach motel and was able to dry my feet and shoes out. Oh man, my feet looked horrible! They were so soggy from being in those wet shoes that one of the toe nails fell off.

I saw the guy that borrowed my cell phone again when I went to get coffee at the gas station next to the motel. He was actually heading to the next city and was trying to find a ride. When I was starting to head out a man in a truck offered the two of us a ride.



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