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Monroe, LA

The man dropped us off at a building that housed AA Meetings. It turns out the guy that borrowed my phone is a recovering Alcoholic with some mental issues. He started acting weird saying he was going to kill someone and I decided it was about time to get away from him. There was a greyhound station just across the street.

My friend Daniel, in Oklahoma has been asking if I could come up and see him since I was passing by. I had agreed if he would get a bus ticket for me to get up there because a 4 hour drive is many days of travel for a person walking. The people at the greyhound station were nice and didn’t have any issue with me hanging out, but I found out later that they actually closed the station around 10 pm after the last bus was loaded, so I started to walk down the road and look for a place to sleep.

What I found was a what-a-burger that stays open 24 hours. I also found a new friend. His name is Jansen. I got to stay in a different kind of forest last night… it’s called a dorm room.



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