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Tallulah, Part II

Well, it’s a steady drizzle outside. I don’t think I’ll get much traveling in today, if any.

I was shocked at how much taxes there was on a cup of coffee here! I looked up the tax rates.

There is a state tax rate of 5 percent and on top of that there is a tax for Tallulah of 10.50 percent! Makes me appreciate home that much more.

Anyway, the “wicked witch” of the truck stop came in looking like a rabid dog shortly after I got the coffee and said I had to leave. She was impatient like a hungry flea on that dog when I apparently didnt move fast enough and got the big security guard to come stand over me as I tried to hurry to get my pack on.

I WAS LIVID! If there had been an issue with me being there, they should have said so from the moment I walked in that door the night before rather than making me feel it was ok for me to be there a few days if I needed to because of the rain.

Fortunately,  McDonalds was just over the bridge and the rain wasn’t overwhelming. My feet will be soggy for a couple of days until the shoes dry out.  Other than that and a bruised ego, all is well.

I stayed for a short time at McDonald’s,  then decided to go over to subway. I don’t want to overstay my welcome anywhere, but at the same time, I’m not sure where to go. Raining the way it is, I can’t  walk. I can’t even hitchhike in this weather. A police officer saw me stuck at the subway and said he would check up on me later.

He also said that the restaurant at the other truck stop is open all night. I’m a little gun shy now and am not sure I’ll stay very long over there. For the moment, I’ll head over to Wendy’s and give them a few minutes of time and hope the rain slows down.

We will see what the night brings and I’ll let ya’ll know tomorrow. I have a feeling this is going to be a long night. 

Hopefully the rain will clear enough by morning and I can head on down the road and get away from the bad feelings and onto better things. 



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