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Tallulah, LA Part III

I decided to try the truck stop across the street.It turned out to be a Loves truck stop with an Arby’s. They were cool with me being there saying it wouldn’t be right to kick a person out in the cold rain.

As morning approached, I decided to go ahead and start traveling again. The rain had appeared to have stopped and the temperature wasn’t too bad. Now to find my way back to Hwy 80.

Everyone was saying just get on the interstate, just get on the interstate. I always tell them its illegal for pedestrians to be on there. I don’t think anyone in Louisiana knows because they tell me they see people walking on the interstate all the time. Oh well, its really all about what you  believe. I still have Google Maps to give me directions and it said that if I go around the bend, that I could get on old hwy 65, it would run into hwy 80 in about 3 miles. Little did I realize that old hwy 65 was nothing but a dirt road that ran beside a corn field.  It didn’t look to bad for walking until I got around the second bend and my foot became buried in the mud.That was most definitely NOT pleasant!

I decided to head back and go the extra 2 miles to find Hwy 80. It did start to drizzle again, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from continuing on down the road.



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