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The World, Louisana

I’m not sure if this area is part of Tallulah or not, but its the first exit when you cross the bridge. Its just before the railroad tracks at hwy 80.

They habe some good food. If your hiking, I suggest eating a good meal here before setting out. its about 18-20 miles before you’ll get to more than farmland.

I set up camp across the street in a big empty lot. The temperature was expected to go down to 32f. I was doing great until about 12:30 when a dog started barking at me.

Not knowing if it was wild or someone’s wandering pet, I tossed my left over fries outside the tent. My hope was he would eat and go away, but it continued to bark.

I figured it was barking the “this is my territory,  scat!” bark and didnt mean any harm, but I pulled out my taser and tested it (just in case).

Apparently,  the noise from the taser made it change its mind and go away.

The photos are were I was and the fields around me. When I checked the temperature in the morning it was only 37f.



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