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Colquitt, GA

I had not planned on being here last night, but plans change sometimes. As I was standing underneath the overpass on a highway to catch a few minutes of shade, someone offered me a ride. I had planned on just going up to the next exit then heading west.

As he started down the road, he asked where I was going to stay the night. I said I planned on putting up my tent in the woods if I could find a good spot. When he mentioned Colquitt, I said yes, they have a WMA  (Wildlife Management Area). I would have gone there but its about 30 miles out of my way.

Well… I ended up staying there anyway.

But it was awesome! The stars were beautiful on a clear cool night, I woke up to birds fluttering all around my tent, and scared the bageebies out of the alligator when I went to find a place to use the restroom.



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