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Growing Up

All babies must be born, they learn how to eat, walk, and communicate. Then they age they learn how to dress, and play.They age more and learn how to deal with school, environment and then they age more and learn to deal with work and eventually learn how to raise their own children. Then they age even more and learn how to let their children go, learn what grandchildren are, what retirement is, and at some point learn to deal with death and even how to die. All through these years you learn different things about life. It might be how to buy or rent a house, buy or lease a car, how to have “arguments” and how to make up. You learn to make new friends, say goodbye to others. You learn all kinds of stuff …you are constantly learning. Life is a learning process and it is continual. It will ultimately make you into who YOU really are in your heart. So learn to live life and love life because everything you go through will mold you into who God desires you to be.



A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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