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Have Confidence In God

Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD and whose trust is the LORD. Jeremiah 17:7

I want to take a moment and point out the difference in the word trusts and the word trust used in this scripture.

Trusts = Batach (baw-takh’) to have confidence, to be secure, to feel safe
Trust = Mibtach (mib-tawkh’) object of confidence

Blessed is the man who has confidence in the Lord and whose confidence is the Lord.

There are many people who have confidence in the Lord, trusting that He will take care of them and guide them, but having confidence in the Lord is not the same as the Lord being your confidence.

The confidence you reflect to others should not be yours, but it should be God’s. He gives you the confidence to show His love to others, He gives you the confidence to share His word with others, He gives you confidence to help and minister to people in His name.

Every step a person takes should reflect the Lord, to honor Him and give Him Praise. You should make a sacrifice of yourself to Him who loves you, to show Him your thankfulness.

Do not reflect your confidence to others, but reflect the Lord’s confidence. He will help you if you let Him.

His confidence carries strength, compassion and mercy. His confidence reflects a humble loving heart.

His confidence reflects life.



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