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Oh! Those Words

The words we speak and when we speak them can sometimes make all the difference in the world to a person’s character, but what we speak and when we speak it also makes a difference to the Lord.

Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, him I will destroy; No one who has a haughty look and an arrogant heart will I endure. Psalm 101:5

People continually make mistakes, but there are times when another has done something wrong and rather than forgiving them, putting aside the wrong and moving forward, there are some who will drag the wrong doer through the mud, slandering them, gossiping about them, defaming them and actually being proud of doing it.

Defamation of Character is something God does not like at all. To defame a person means to harm their reputation, give unfavorable impressions of them, or expose them person to public contempt. You are actually destroying whatever good reputation they might have.

But something many don’t see is that when you speak secretly- behind the others back, you show yourself to be a gossip, a busybody and absolutely not worthy of trust. You are actually destroying your own reputation and moral standing at the same time, not only with people, but most importantly with God.

God call us to be reflections of His love and when you talk about a person behind their back, you do not reflect the love of God, but you reflect hatred instead. You also create strife and cause conflict because others may see that person differently than you do.

Instead, speak what is good about a person and keep any wrong doing to yourself. When others ask you about the conflict, be honest and tell them it isn’t their business and talk about something else instead.

Those who encourage such behavior are also doing wrong. They should turn a deaf ear to such talk, or just tell the other “I don’t want to hear it”. You can encourage people to put aside the wrong doing, without prying into what happened, by sharing the word of God with them, reminding them that they should continually forgive- over and over and over again. (Matthew 18:22)

And always remember that keeping silent will not only help save the others reputation, but it will also save you. (James 5:9)



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