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Bite Into That Fruit

We truly do have an awesome God; He works in amazing ways, and has just the most perfect timing anyone can ever imagine. He can open your eyes and ears to see and understand things the people of the world will never see because they are blinded by their evil ways. He can give you guidance on how to deal with the filth of the world and uplift your spirits so that you may rejoice in His loving embrace.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21

God is continuing to tell me to look at the words we speak and how we have the power to build up and also the power to destroy.

People of God will speak one way and people of the world speak another and you can tell them by their fruit. (Galatians 5:22-23) But God once put on my heart, that sometimes we have to bite into the fruit to see if it truly is good.

The wicked people of the world may show their wickedness, but many appear to be good on the outside, but they are rotten at the core. They will not only speak lies and deceit, but they will scheme, gossip, debase, intimidate, oppress, slander and try to bring to ruin God’s people in order to promote themselves and serve Satan. They will grumble and complain and follow the wicked ways of the evil one.

Be warned you evil, vile people of the world! Do not come against the people of God for they are protected! (2 Thessalonians 3:3)

Who are the people of God? The people of God will speak truth and be encouraging, uplifting and loving. Their words will bring healing and comforting. They will promote the love of God and the truth of the salvation that He and He alone offers. They will rejoice through their sufferings and continue to follow what is good and right in the sight of God. They do this to glorify the living God and rejoice at the salvation He offers to each person.

Those who love the power of the tongue, will reap their rewards based on that power – You will eat the fruit of your words. If you are speaking good encouraging things to uplift people and build them up, it is good fruit and you will reap good rewards. If you are speaking words of hate in order to destroy, it is bad fruit and there will be no reward, but eternal destruction.

Woe, Woe to you who reap evil, for your judgment is in the hands of the Lord!



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