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Any Fool Will Quarrel

Keeping away from strife is an honor for a man, but any fool will quarrel. Proverbs 20:3

I wanted to point out the word fool used in this verse. The word in the Hebrew is ‘eviyl (ev-eel’) and it means one who despises wisdom, one who mocks when guilty, one who is quarrelsome, one who is licentious. Licentious means lacking legal or moral restraints.

It is so easy to get into arguments and to force your opinions on other people. Those that follow this desire seem to only care that their opinion is correct and should be heard and don’t want to listen to others.

But when you don’t cause or continue arguments, people tend to see something in you that they don’t see in the others.  They see someone who doesn’t trash other people, cause tension or spread gossip.

What the people see is a person of integrity. This is a person who rather than taking things into their own hands, they give it to the Lord and let him deal with it. God may give that person guidance on what to do, or He may deal with it in another way, but He is given the lead and the person of integrity just follows.

The Lord does not desire His body to quarrel, gossip, mistreat or abuse each other. He watches over and protects each of His children, chastising anyone who comes against them – saved or not saved.

So hold tight to the love of God and trust in Him to deal with those who try to cause division or are just plain not nice. Forgive those people and move on, continue to follow the Lord in all things.

God will, in turn, bless you for your obedience.





A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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