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Fledging Isn’t Just For Birds

When I was in church a few weeks ago, the Lord put the word fledging on my heart.

I kept thinking about the word, wondering what it meant. I checked my concordance, but didn’t see it there so I looked it up in the dictionary as soon as I got home. Fledging means “to rear until ready for flight or independent activity.”

This word is most often used when talking about birds. A baby bird (known as a fledgling) is born with down and not full feathers and is not able to fly. The parental birds then care for and nurture their young until it can fly freely.

Fledging includes sustenance, enlightenment, and fostering. God is our Father and He provides these necessities so we may grow up in a way acceptable to Him. He puts people in our path to help guide and direct us, to help us know right from wrong and to help us understand how we may best serve the Lord. God has also given us the mental capacity to learn and remember the things we have learned and He has given us the heart so we may in turn help others to learn and grow.

Sustenance is the feeding and nourishing needed for the young one to grow up strong and healthy.

From the very beginning God has provided the food needed to sustain, not only His people, but every living creature on the earth (Genesis 1:29-30) When God took His people from Egypt and they were in the desert for 40 years with no food to eat, God provided manna from heaven to sustain them (Exodus 16:31).

Then God gave us His Son. Jesus is our manna, our bread of life, our sustenance (John 6:35). He is the Word of God (Revelation 19:13) and He gives us the nourishment we need in order to grow up strong and healthy.

Enlightenment is the moral support, encouragement and understanding needed for the young one to grow up having self confidence and strength of character.

When you are a child of the living God, self confidence and strength of character is to know who you are to God, not man. It is to know that you can do ALL things through the Lord (Philippians 4:13), not just some things. It is to know that you can step out and walk on water, calm the winds, heal the sick, cast out demons and even raise the dead because of your faith, not in yourself, but in God Almighty. It is to know who you are in such a way that you can reflect the goodness in you so others may see and learn.

Fostering is the teaching, guiding and directing needed for the young one to grow up knowing not only how to care for itself, but also knowing how to care for the young it will eventually have.

Each of us serves a purpose for God and we have been given gifts in order to accomplish that purpose. The gifts we have been given are also so we may build up, strengthen and encourage the body of Christ (Romans 12:6-8). Fostering teaches us how to use those gifts in a good and proper fashion according to God’s word and also teaches us how to foster so we may, in turn, foster others to help them grow up strong and healthy, to have self confidence and strength of character. Fostering also teaches us how to unify as one body because we learn to help each other and we learn how to love each other.

Why the Lord put this word on my heart, I don’t yet know. But what I do know is that God has a time and purpose for everything and I know that when the time is right God will give me understanding.



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